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The Catskill Chapter of SPAAMFAA was granted a Charter on February 23, 1974. The Catskill Fire-Cats, as it was called, is the 6th oldest of the SPAAMFAA Chapters.

The first President was Robert Reynolds and the first Chapter Secretary was Marvin H. Cohen. George Neder, owner of a school bus fleet and fire apparatus collector, hosted early meetings at his Otisville, N.Y. garage.

July 24, 1976 was the date of the Fire-Cat’s first Fire Apparatus Muster, held at Fancher-Davidge Park in Middletown. Musters have been held every year since then, many at Orange County Park.

Other early members included Dan Snyder, Dave Finn, George Carroll, Bill Moore and Randy and Sharon Kellerhouse, as well as many others.

In February 1998, the Fire-Cats hosted the National Winter Convention in Middletown which featured trips to the New York City, West Point and Stewart Field Fire Departments.

Membership today is at an all-time high and interest continues in preserving and demonstrating antique fire apparatus. Throughout the years many members have owned various pieces of apparatus, some owning one or two and others owning many trucks that have given a tremendous boost to the Fire-Cats. You do not have to own an antique fire truck to be a member – just the love and appreciation of the older fire apparatus is desired.

Monthly meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month along with an Annual Muster held during the summer months.

(Most of this information was compiled by Marvin Cohen. Thank you Marvin.)

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